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The Italian painter Franco Giomi has been working since the early nineties on different kind of paint techniques. He is really talent on big canvas size, especially with the watercolours paints where he experiments particular effects. 

Born in 1946, establish his atelier and showroom in Punta Ala (Tuscany).


The Italian artist Franco Giomi is a lonesome and reserved man who ever marvels at wild landscapes, everyday life and dreams.   

His narratives deal with notions of strength, freedom, elegance and the rugged indomitable potency of nature: the enchanting area of Maremma (homeland of the artist) with its herds of horses and cows, cattlemen, dawns and sunsets over wide wetlands is Giomi’s favourite ‘muse’.



Giomi’s scenes are never still, more a fragment of some longer story he wants to tell us: the movement and action are created by the predominance of white painted over underlying spots of colour on oversized canvas.   


“In the paintings of Franco Giomi, watercolor   functions as performing art in which his  narratives become a dance on paper” - Alex Michon (Co-director of The Transition Gallery)

The late exhibition:  "Watercolors", West Eleven Gallery, London, 2008



Giomi has exhibited extensively in London, St.Etienne, Milan, Florence, Rimini, Certaldo, Grosseto, and Punta Ala.


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